Good Riding in San Diego

Hey, you seem nice. Before you ride off, let’s talk about good (safe and responsible) riding with electric scooters in the city.

Hard Requirements

At least 18 years old.

And you need a valid driver’s license or permit. California law.

One rider per scooter. Tell your friend to get their own.

Best Practices

Helmets are the best. You should wear them. We'll give you one, just fill out this form.

Pedestrians are at the top of the food chain. Yield to them.

Park with care. Near the curb or in a parking corral, out of pedestrian walkways, away from street corners, fire hydrants, bus stops, access points, building walls, and and and… you get the point. Neighbors will thank you.

Traffic Laws

Don’t drink and ride. Period.

Obey all traffic signs and rules. Yeah, you... We saw that rolling stop you pulled the other day, just saying...

Ride on the road or bike paths, never (ever) sidewalks.

Stay within our service area, as shown in our app. Otherwise, we may have to charge a $25 recovery fee to come grab it, and honestly we’d really rather not.

Where To Park
✅ Parking Corrals
✅ Closest to curb, but not in the main walkway

⛔ Petco Park

⛔ MLK Promenade

⛔ Embarcadero

⛔ Piazza della Famiglia

⛔ Ocean Front Walk

⛔ La Jolla Shores Boardwalk

⛔ South Shores Park

⛔ Bayside Walk

⛔ Schools
⛔ Hospitals

Skip is $1 to start and $0.15 per minute. You may qualify for discounted rides with Skip’s Rider Access Program.